A love of Photography and making clients happy

Bonjour I’m Alice, I left my home country just after finishing high school eager to travel the world. For about 4 years I travelled photographing landscapes, people and all the other little things of my everyday life using a 35mm film camera until I decided I really wanted to learn more about photography. I then made the decision to settle in London and achieved a degree in photo-media. During this time I immersed myself in photography, learning my trade, assisting pro photographers, hanging out with them, absorbing knowledge and gaining experience – photography was at heart of my life.

Once the degree was in my pocket I decided to go travelling to Australia, my last long trip before settling down in London with plans to focus on my business. I arrived in Sydney I was assisting  photographers but then very quickly met Tim, now my husband, and my life took a different turn. We had babies, travelled around Australia in a camper trailer until we found our new home in Valla, a very beautiful place on the mid north coast of NSW. We settled there, built our house…. with my focus raising my children. Even though photography was ever-present in my heart and mind I was necessarily busy with totally different things. My boys are growing up now, and I have time to focus a on what I love to, and can do well – PHOTOGRAPHY.

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