During a sunny afternoon at Shelly Beach in Nambucca Heads, I had the pleasure of photographing Melissa, who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. She was accompanied by her two adorable boys and her husband. Melissa is an Aboriginal painter living on Gumbaynggirr country on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

The photos I took of Melissa captured her in full bloom, radiating joy and anticipation as she prepared to welcome her newest family member. The session was filled with fun and playfulness, as Melissa's boys ran around and interacted with their mother in candid moments that truly captured the essence of maternity photography.

Despite the imperfections that come with capturing moments in real time, the photos turned out beautifully, showcasing the love and connection within Melissa's family. I am grateful to have been able to document this special time in their lives and create lasting memories for them to cherish.

Family of four standing and cuddling each other
dad and two boys standing on a sand dune looking at the horizon
family of four sitting on a log at the beach and snuggling all together
Younger brother sitting on older brother in the sand
hands of dad and sons on mum's pregnant belly
dad holding young son upside down to kiss his mum pregnant belly, older son is cuddling his dad
A young boy is kissing is mum's pregnant belly
Pregnant woman sitting on a rock at the beach holding her belly and looking away
A pregnant lady is sitting down on the sand at the beach, her older son is kneeling down behind her and her younger son is resting his head on his mum belly
A pregnant couple are holding and laughing at the beach in front of the ocean
two brother jumping in a little rock pool at the beach
A beautiful pregnant woman standing in the ocean holding her breast with one hand
A pregnant mum with her husband and their two boys standing in the water and smiling
black and white image of a close up pregnant belly
close up of a hand rubbing ochre on pregnant belly, the pregnant woman is holding the ochre
A pregnant woman is having some ochre rubbed on her belly by her mum
a pregnant woman is standing in front of the ocean under coton candy clouds and the moon, she is  looking away

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